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Insurance to fit YOUR needs

We Bridge the Medicare Gap

At Carida, our primary focus is bridging the Medicare Insurance gap whether you are newly eligible or you have an existing policy.    

Our goal is simple – we look to uncover every available opportunity to maximize your benefits or save you money through a process that is transparent, thoughtful and focused – on you.

People’s needs are very different, so we do not propose insurance plans for everyone; we propose insurance plans for Every “One”

Supplemental Insurance Plans

A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy can help pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare does not cover, like coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are private “all in one” alternatives to Original Medicare. These "bundled" plans include Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), Part B (medical insurance) and often Part D (prescription coverage)

Prescription Drug Plans

For seniors with plans that can't offer drug coverage (like Medicare Medical Savings Accounts) or choose not to offer drug coverage (like some Private Fee-for-Service plans) a separate Prescription Drug Plan may provide savings

Our Carriers

We only work with best in class carriers including Humana, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, WellCare, Accendo and GPM to offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. 

Our Approach

Small things make a big difference in your personal, physical, and financial well being.

At Carida, we go beyond surface facts to fully understand your specific needs – from prescription drug usage and doctor preferences to assistance needs and financial resources.

Given our expertise, resources, and people-first approach to planning; we take pride in serving as your Senior Wealthcare Specialist.

Policy Benefits

We first discuss your current policy and what you like and do not like about your plan - cost, limitations etc

Health Status

We then discuss your current health situation - we believe in custom tailoring not "one size size fits all" plans

Prescription Needs

With a high-level understanding of your current situation; we learn about your prescriptions and review each against plans

Assistance Needs

If assistance resources (walker, wheelchair, professional support etc) are needed we talk though plan possibilities

Doctor Preference

You likely have one or more doctors you are comfortable with, so we look up each of your providers when evaluating plan options

Financial Situation

A healthcare investment only works if it works for you, so we discuss plans that make the most sense for your needs

Satisfied Clients

Healthcare costs create financial strain for most seniors.  However, the most inexpensive policy option can be equally challenging if it creates coverage gaps, excessive deductibles, or high co-pay costs.  

At Carida, our licensed Senior Wealthcare Specialists do not make a single Medicare policy change recommendation until they fully understand your situation, needs and concerns.

Albert Caruso

75 year-old man with new health issues 

fearful because of coverage gaps

While still active; Albert had a few health-related setbacks and quickly realized his existing coverage was far too limited.  

Based on Albert’s health, prescriptions, and doctors; we proposed a Supplemental Medicare Insurance plan – saving Albert significant dollars over time

Freeda Johnson

Turning 65 with poor health

unsure about her coverage options 

With Type 2 Diabetes and early stage Parkinson’s Disease; Freeda was unsure about her options – cost and coverage.  

We provided Freeda options based on her needs and she decided on a bundled Medicare Advantage plan – providing her value and peace of mind

Janet Botarsky

Healthy women in her early 70’s

concerned about rising prescription costs

As an active woman in her early 70s; Janet was fairly satisfied with her basic Medicare Medical Savings Account plan.

The issue was Janet had no drug coverage.  We proposed Janet keep her policy but add a separate prescription drug plan – creating stability and savings



At Carida, we take great pride when we are able to uncover an opportunity to save you money and maximize your benefits.  Our ultimate goal is to find the insurance solution that best meets YOUR NEEDS 

Client Value

Happy Clients

Team Growth

Find out if we can improve your benefits and save you money

We can’t promise we will be successful, but we can promise we will explore every available opportunity to improve your benefits and save you money – at no cost to you


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